Biodex Echo Pro Echocardiography Table

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Designed with Sonographers in mind. 

The Echo Pro Echocardiography Table was specifically designed with the sonographer in mind. It was an engineer with an ergonomic design to provide a barrier-free imaging experience resulting less injury and better quality images for the sonographer. The Echo Pro Echocardiography Table has easy access from all sides, making it convenient for the patient. The cardiac scanning cushion drops down and releases from either side with nothing protruding. It includes old away side rails to allow unobstructed patient access. Patient comfort is assured especially during lengthy procedures. Suitable procedures for this item include but are not limited to: abdomen, aorta, thyroid, breast, carotid, lower extremity arterial, upper extremity arterial, renal transplant, SMA stress echo, renal pelvis, testicular, musculoskeletal, upper extremity venous, renal artery, abdominal Doppler, echocardiography, transesophageal echo. The Echo Pro Echocardiography Table is suitable for bariatric patients with its extra wide top and 500lb patient capacity. It has an industry’s largest cardiac scanning cutout 9.5x15.75” With motorized height, Fowler positioning, Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg and auto-level adjustment, it can accommodate natural body extension and sitting position without slide or shift. It comes with a durable hand controller and can allow seat or standing work positions.

 1-year warrany is included. 

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1-Year Warranty
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