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12-Lead Resting EKG Electrode Placement

12-Lead Resting EKG Electrode Placement

Countless times, we have heard doctors and physicians who have had difficulties with their EKG analyses. More often than not, the quality of one’s EKG tracing is a direct result of skin preparation and lead placement on the patient’s body. It is imperative for the practitioner to prepare their patient accordingly, otherwise tracings will read inaccurate.

Follow these steps to ensure accurate EKG results:

1.  Shave hair from your application sites

2.  Gently rub area to remove dead skin cells

3.  Cleanse site with alcohol or mild soap and water

4.  Dry skin completely

If you are still having trouble getting a precise reading, please call us toll free at (888) 559-5253. Our certified biomedical technicians will assist you with live technical support over the phone at no cost. It could be possible that your machine needs service and repair, which we can easily support you with. As we previously, however, the most often cause of inaccurate EKG tracings comes down to improper patient preparation. 

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Jul 11th 2019 Jaken Medical

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