6 Different Conditions of Medical Equipment

6 Different Conditions of Medical Equipment

Purchasing medical equipment can be a challenging task. Equipment can be very expensive, and often times private practice physician offices have tight budgets. While there are plenty of low priced machines available online and elsewhere, there is no guarantee that such equipment will work properly. There needs to be a balance between quality equipment, strong warranty options, and affordable pricing. It is best to be aware of the different forms of medical equipment before beginning to shop around.

1) Used Medical Equipment

Used medical equipment comes exactly as it sounds, used.Usually this comes “as is”, where the equipment was used by one or more practitioners and then sold in whatever condition it happened to be in. Resellers will often not do anything more than perhaps wipe down the used equipment with a rag before trying to sell it. Although the prices are the lowest with used medical equipment, there is a large risk involved with this option. The cost of replacing faulty parts and/or having the equipment repaired right away may outweigh the initial savings of purchasing cheaper equipment. Plus, there is often less confidence when purchasing equipment with potential flaws.

2) Reconditioned Medical Equipment

Reconditioned medical equipment is a step up from used equipment, however it often times gets confused with the term “refurbished”. “Reconditioned” and “refurbished” are not interchangeable terms, but rather they have two separate meanings. A reconditioned piece of equipment has gone through more inspection than used equipment. It has likely been cleaned and checked for basic functionality, however there are still holes in the reconditioning process compared to the refurbishment process.

3) Refurbished Medical Equipment

Now, refurbished medical equipment is the perfect balance of affordability and functionality. When a medical device goes through the refurbishment process, they are ran through multiple tests ensure that they are fully capable of fulfilling the customer’s needs. At Jaken Medical, we replace any parts on the unit that are questionable, and we also back up our equipment with sustainable warranties.

4) Demo Medical Equipment

Demo medical equipment is practically new, but it has been used for demonstration purposes by the manufacturer or distributors. Since the equipment technically has been used, although not in a clinical setting or even extensively, it must be sold at a lower price than brand new. This is a great deal for the end-user, as they are getting almost brand new equipment for a greatly discounted price.

5) New/Open Box Medical Equipment

New/open box medical equipment is brand new equipment that has had the original manufacturer’s box opened. The equipment has not been used for clinical or demonstration purposes, however the price is lowered because of the box being opened. This is another fantastic deal, as the end-user gets a brand new unit at a sale price just because of an opened box.

6) Brand New Medical Equipment

Brand new medical equipment is as good as it comes. Although the price is the highest, purchasing brand new medical equipment can come with perks like manufacturer’s warranties, installation, and training (options vary per device). You can’t really go wrong with brand new, especially if it is from a trusted manufacturer.


At Jaken Medical, we strongly advise against purchasing used or reconditioned medical equipment. Instead, invest wisely with either refurbished, demo, new/open box, or brand new equipment. With in-house biomedical technicians, we do not stoop down to selling used or reconditioned equipment. Much of our time is spent on refurbishing equipment up to quality standards. Please feel free to shop around our refurbished and brand new medical equipment, or contact us with any questions you may have. 

Aug 28th 2019 Jaken Medical

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