EKG Machines

EKG Machines

An EKG (electrocardiogram) machine is used to track electrical action and gather information on the health of one’s heart. An EKG recording is a very simple, noninvasive method of diagnosis. Electrodes are placed on the skin of the chest and then connected in a specific order to the EKG machine. EKG chartpaper then picks up the output, displaying a printed graph of activity from the computer screen. The shapes and sizes of the waves printed out on an EKG recording, which symbolize the time between each wave and the rate/ regularity of the heartbeat, assist the doctor in further diagnosing a patient.


If you’re in the cardiology field, you have most likely heard both EKG and ECG terms thrown around. Manufacturers tend to choose one or the other way to describe their units, but the most common is definitely EKG. Both EKG and ECG stand for electrocardiogram, however the word electrocardiogram is translated into the German language as Elektro-kardiographie, explaining the difference in spelling.

EKG Diagnosis

Often times, one’s doctor may recommend to them to get an EKG reading in order to further diagnose heart disease. With an EKG reading, a cardiologist will be able to check the heart rhythm of a patient, diagnose a heart attack, see one’s blood flow to the heart, and also diagnose another abnormal heart behavior. An EKG can assist doctors in detecting heart muscle damage from a heart attack.


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