Jaken Medical: Officially ISO 9001 Certified

Jaken Medical: Officially ISO 9001 Certified

It is with great excitement and pride that Jaken Medical can finally announce our ISO 9001 Certification. Throughout the process of becoming certified, we have been granted the opportunity to fine-tune our company’s quality management system and overall operation process. This process was no overnight task, but it has helped Jaken Medical become a fine-tuned machine that is operating as efficient and effective as ever before. We are confident that this will take us to the next level of customer satisfaction.

What Is ISO 9001 Certification?

Although ISO Certification is commonly known amongst various industries, there are still many people reading this who may be unaware of exactly what it entails.

ISO 9001 is a standard of quality management system which systematically heightens business performance. This standard helps to set the bar for an organization, ensuring that its products and/or services are consistently meeting the customer’s requirements.

The quality of that requirement is a moving factor that must be constantly improved. Structure, task orientation, and supply chain management are also some of the major key points for the ISO 9001 standard. Altogether, efficiency and improved customer satisfaction are the main goal of these standards.

ISO 9001 bases its system on the idea of continual improvement. Here at Jaken Medical, we are especially fond of this framework of thinking. We want to improve in every small aspect of our business operations. Whether we are logging an order, refurbishing a piece of cardiology equipment, or helping guide a customer with installation over the phone, we want to improve upon our methods of operation every single time. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and the only way we can reach that goal consistently is to focus on our continual improvement.


Although Jaken Medical has sought to bring customer satisfaction since the very beginning in 1997, our ISO 9001 Certification has brought us to an even greater level of being able to achieve this goal. We are now operating out of a quality management system which pushes us as an organization to constantly improve, strengthen our overall business structure, and perform our everyday tasks with efficiency and excellence. 

Jan 31st 2019 Jaken Medical

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