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Lifesavers with 12-Lead ECG and More

Lifesavers with 12-Lead ECG and More

This world is advancing rapidly, and thankfully, so is modern medicine. These advancements are leading to longer, healthier lives, and more memories with loved ones. There is huge debate on how funds should be allocated throughout the healthcare system, however our stance is that we will continue doing our part by delivering the best medical equipment and supplies to doctors and physicians.

We are a mass and authorized distributor of cardiology and radiology diagnostic medical equipment, but we also specialize in refurbishing medical equipment, that way we can ensure each piece of equipment is getting its full life's worth. Our team keeps the cogs in the field turning: processing older equipment, repairing and maintaining it to the highest standard, and then reissuing it to those who need it. Our certified biomedical team is fully committed to achieiving customer satisfaction through the effectiveness of their refurbished medical equipment. 

Our medical equipment will help more than your bottom line

At Jaken Medical, we put our customers' needs first the same way that doctors put their patients' needs ahead of everything else. Medicine is expensive, and we do the best we can to keep those costs low. We're in the business of keeping people alive.

We work with your budget

At Jaken Medical, we find the balance between quality products and competitive pricing. We offer rentals and warranties for our products, ranging from 12-lead ECG units to radiology equipment, helping practices work within their budgets and continue focusing on what they do best: care for their patients.

We are constantly improving the ways we can help you

With the industry's technological advances, suppliers now fill an integral role in the healing process, striving to find new ways to improve services and offer the best to their clients. Because doctors deserve the best, and their patients do too.

May 22nd 2019 Jaken Medical

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