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Product Highlight: Mueller Pro-Shield 1 Face Shield

Product Highlight: Mueller Pro-Shield 1 Face Shield

With COVID-19 still affecting people worldwide, face masks are becoming an essential piece of clothing when walking into many stores. While we are fully stocked with cloth face masks and are shipping them out to those in need, Jaken Medical also wants to offer another option for users: the Mueller Pro-Shield 1 Face Shield.

Clear plastic face shields are already in use by many healthcare personnel, and many people find them more comfortable than the cloth masks. Face shields are quickly and affordably produced and distributed, while Mueller’s Pro-Shield 1 is made here in the USA. It is intended to help act as a barrier to help prevent direct external facial contact with aerosols, droplet, and foreign splatters.

In order to be most effective in halting viral spread, a face shield must extend below the chin. There should also be no bare gap between the forehead and the shield’s headpiece. The Mueller Pro-Shield 1 Face Shield does just that.

Being that the Pro-Shield 1 is reusable, one can simply clean the shield with soap and water. This saves money for the user and helps keep people from overusing a cloth mask due to low supply. Also, people tend to touch their cloth masks to readjust, causing more germ spread. The Pro-Shield 1 has an adjustable fit so that you don’t have to constantly alter the placement on your face.

If you have any further questions about the Mueller Pro-Shield 1 Face Shield, please feel free to call us at (888) 559-5253. 

May 20th 2020 Jaken Medical Inc.

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