Purchasing A Used GE DASH 4000  Monitor

Purchasing A Used GE DASH 4000 Monitor

At Jaken Medical, you are in good hands. At an affordable price, we provide used hospital instruments and equipment that is both operational and reliable.

Features to Check

In order to see if a GE DASH 4000 is performing at an optimum level, the first step is to check the main features. The presence of the following features will help you determine whether the dash monitor is an authentic GE product and performing optimally:

Alarm: The unit must have a flexible alarm setting that allows you to personalize patient monitoring. It should also have a bright alarm light at the bedside light, which is important for monitoring the patient's condition. The alarm must also encompass an advanced algorithm so that all parameters can be monitored.

  1. Three Waveform Screen Views: This feature can maximize the size of the waveforms and the parameter values. It should be able to maintain mainstream and low-flow measurement options and can be used for both adult and neonatal patients.
  1. ECG Acquisition: This feature must be connected via cables or a wireless system and should be designed for maximum monitoring in all patient care applications. Several mounting solutions and a wide variety of accessories must also be in place to ensure convenient and flexible configuration in the workplace.
  1. Remote Screen: The screen should display a central overview of all the information gathered by the medical equipment.
  1. Remote iTouch Pad: This feature allows doctors to operate on either side of the patient's bed.

Take Precautions When Purchasing Used Hospital Equipment

When buying second-hand medical equipment, including a GE DASH 4000 Monitor, you need to be careful that you are buying a fully-functioning, dependable product. At Jaken Medical, we take pride in the fact that all of the equipment we supply is both accurate and fully operational. We recognize that our products are delicate medical instruments and treat them as such.

Jun 4th 2019 Jaken Medical

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