Top GE Healthcare Urology Ultrasound Systems

Top GE Healthcare Urology Ultrasound Systems

GE Healthcare's urology ultrasound line is specific, precise, and provides the perfect tools for any urologist. With the urologist’s budget in mind, GE did a fantastic job at making their urology line specific to the needs of the end-user.

The GE Versana Premier Ultrasound System has an extensive set of clinical features and transducer probes which are specially designed with urologists in mind. This unique system offers outstanding imaging, intuitive programmed productivity tools, and much more! With CrossXBeam and SRI-HD, one can easily define structure borders. The sensitive color Doppler allows the urologist to visualize blood flow, while linear imaging assists in analyzing tissue presentation. With AutoBladder, one can make automatic volumetric measurements. Using a convex probe provides the highest-quality kidney exams available. With many more highly-coveted features, the GE Versana Premier is truly a sharp, affordable, and easy-to-use urology ultrasound system.

The GE LOGIQ F8 Ultrasound System is a significantly useful machine for any urologist. With numerous features and enhancements, this unit is truly exceptional. The image quality on the LOGIQ F8 allows the practitioner to observe both superficial and deep anatomy with outstanding penetration. Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI) improves the resolution for a more pure image. With Auto-Optimization, one can swiftly fine-tune the image quality at just the touch of a button. The E8Cs-RS probe offers a broad field of viewer for the urologist, while also allowing for more patient comfort. The brand new BE9CS-RS bi-plane probe is intended for prostate imaging, while B-flow hemodynamic imaging assists in spotting small and difficult to visualize vessels.

The GE LOGIQ S7 with XDclear Ultrasound System was redesigned in order to better meet the needs of diverse environments. With XDclear now featured, the LOGIQ S7 embraces GE’s leading probe and platform technology. This allows the unit to provide heightened image quality through nearly all patient body types. There are an extended range of probes available, offering both the E-Series and XDclear transducers. The C1-6-D is used for abdominal examinations, the C3-10-D for pediatric and neonatal imaging, and the S2-5-D for cardiac and vascular imaging. The high-resolution, widescreen LCD monitor with LED backlit display is fixed on an articulating arm, permitting the user to organize images and data in an efficient manner. Compare Assistant allows the urologist to view prior images next to current images via a split screen.

The GE LOGIQ V5 Ultrasound System comes complete with the LOGIQ Agile Acoustic Architecture as a base, delivering exceptional imaging technology at an affordable price. Auto-Optimization automatically modifies parameters and image quality dynamics, while Scan Assistant provides programmed procedures to guide the sonographer through examinations. With Urological calculations, one can measure bladder, post-void bladder, prostate, renal, and generic volumes with seamless reporting. The Endocavitary E8CS-RS transducer probe delivers a wider field of view with a smaller footprint, allowing for optimal patient comfort. Customizable settings offer the sonographer to adjust measurement and image adjustment presents specifically for urology.

Lastly, the GE Vscan Extend R2 with Dual Probe and GE Vscan Extend R2 with Sector Probe are the most compact, portable ultrasound systems on the market. Nearly the size of the smart phone, these advanced units allow healthcare experts to make attentive calculations and enhance treatment resolutions at the point of care. There are a wide array of applications and features that make these units extremely special, one being Bladder Volume. This application is a protocol-enabled measurement tool explicitly designed for computing urinary bladder volumes. Tricefy Uplink gives one the option to archive and share images from your device. With dual and sector probe available, GE does an exceptional job at meeting the needs of the end-user. With the Vscan Extend works fantastically for urologists, this device is also has strong features supporting cardiovascular and point of care ultrasound.

It is easy to see that GE Healthcare’s urology ultrasound line is filled with advanced features that make the job of the sonographer much simpler. With various options for urology ultrasound systems available, we at Jaken Medical are always committed to the satisfaction of our customers. By purchasing through us, we are able to offer GE’s powerful warranty and customer support, while also delivering the lowest price possible. Please contact us today if you have any questions regarding your medical equipment!

Jul 9th 2019 Jaken Medical

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