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Accurate and easy-to-use system for routine Holter analysis.

The Vision Holter Analysis System allows you to get results quickly and easily. It is practical no-nonsense, affordable diagnostic tool to help manage today’s healthcare environment. Reports are easy to understand with color-coded abnormities to help identify potential problems. The software is customizable that helps you fit your needs and budget. It is easy to use thus reducing time and money needed for training and learning and since it is a Microsoft Windows-based program, it leaves a very small computing footprint. The system features a variety of tools that help with a diagnosis such as heart rate variability. It analyzes the regulation of sinoatrial node, the natural pacemaker of the heart, and measure the balance between sympathetic and vagus nerve activity by providing an indirect measurement of the heart. The software can trend in both time and frequency and allow the flexibility required to care for a variety of patient types. It also features pacemaker analysis where it can detect atrial, ventricular, and AV sequential pacemakers, and tracks patient pacer activities through sense, capture, fire and miscapture scenarios. In addition, the software has the option to enable communication between the Vision system and medical info systems, such as HeartCentrix. It allows transfers of records for access and storage in a network environment. Another option that the software provides is the ability to download data from a remote location and transmit to a central viewing facility. Thus, you get a rapid turnaround of patient data and medical treatment when it is needed the most. This tool is ideal for an environment where Holter tests are performed at one location but the interpretation is done at another.

The software allows you to customize your reports that include, HR/ST/HRV trend graphs, full-sized diagnostic EKG strips, and time-saving mini strips, functionality to fax or email final reports, full disclosure reports that print part or all information in various formats such as one, two, or three channels at 10, 30, or 60 seconds per line. The software also provides comprehensive ST reports with each ST episode including deviation, slope, duration and heart rate at onset/offset.

With its on-screen display, it will allow you to review and edit globally or individual episodes with a selection of EKG morphologies that include, normal, ventricular, paced, and artifact. It can also present Arrhythmias in a 7-second diagnostic strip complete with classifications, time of occurrence, heart rate, and beat annotations for your convenience. With on-screen full disclosure review with color-coded normal and ventricular beats, you will be able to provide a quick and accurate diagnosis. Patient diary times can also be entered for results and symptom logging to help with evaluation. With the software, you can also add in physician comments and have them printed on the report for later review.






Ease of use
Quickstep wizard helps with setup and analysis.
On-screen EKG verification to ensure proper hookup and signal quality
1-year Warranty
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