Cardioline ar600adv EKG Machine

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Cardioline ar600adv - Digital Electrocardiograph 1 to 3 channels

ar600adv embodies the features of reliability, modularity, versatility and upgradeability that characterize the latest generation of CARDIOLINE electrocardiographs.


  • Dual power supply, (mains and rechargeable internal batteries)
  • Recording of an ECG in either automatic, manual mode and pre-programmed
  • Printing the ECG on 60 mm in different format paper using a high-resolution thermal print: 1, 2, 2+R e 3 channel
  • Storing the most recent ECG recording in automatic mode and printing additional copies of the ECG as required.

 Thanks to the flexibility of the software used and to the infrared interface, the ar600adv can be adapted at any given moment to suit your individual requirements. The range of "options" offered is particularly generous and there are no restrictions or constraints, as the selection can be made either at the moment of purchase or later on at your clinic or surgery without having to interrupt day-to-day activity.

Your ar600 can be equipped with:

  • Multi-channel option: for printing the ECG signal in 1, 2 and 3 channel format;
  • ECG measurement option: automatic ECG parameter measurement program;
  • PC ECG option: real time display of the 12 ECG leads on a personal computer screen to allow management of patient medical records and archiving of ECGs in digital format thanks to the cubeecg software.

Your ar600adv can be equipped with:

  • Memory option: storage of up to 20 full ECG exams, with no need to print out the ECG;
  • ECG analysis program: automatic ECG interpretation program;
  • Arrhythmia monitoring program: detection of arrhythmia events during continuous recording;
  • HRV analysis option: measurement of the heart rate variability;
  • PC archive option: archival storage of the ECG in a personal computer running cubeecg software;


  • Portable, Lightweight 2lbs
  • Interpretation
  • 2-Year Warranty
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