Cardioline Cubeecg ECG Patient Data Management System

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Cardioline Cubeecg ECG Patient Data Management System 

cubeecg integrates, in a single application, all the typical ECG examination procedures: from the management of the electrocardiographs in PC-ECG mode, and in OFF-LINE mode, to the management of patient details, up to automatic filing of the examination; from automatic analysis to its revision, up to printing of the final document and its export in digital format.


  • Multiple viewing modes at the choice of the user
  • Examination memorization: patient data, diagnosis, and examiner's comments
  • Print management: Print to Windows printer
  • Print format: 12 channel, 6+6, 3x4+R, cover
  • Optional advanced analysis: Algorhythm for automatic interpretation and ECG measurements
  • Automatic filing in the database, archiving on DVD (optional)
  • Export and sending by email in PDF, SCP or text format
  • Possibility of network connection and database sharing with other cube workstations.
  • ECG Management Software
  • EMR Connectivity with Export
  • Single Workstation
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