NorthEast Monitoring, Inc. DR300 Holter and Event Recorder with Bluetooth Wireless + HE/LX® Analysis Holter Software

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  • NorthEast Monitoring, Inc. DR300 Holter and Event Recorder with Bluetooth Wireless + HE/LX® Analysis Holter Software
  • NorthEast Monitoring, Inc. DR300 Holter and Event Recorder with Bluetooth Wireless + HE/LX® Analysis Holter Software
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Promotion: $3995 for 2 DR300 Holter Recorders + HE/LX® Enhanced Analysis Software

The DR300 is a revolutionary recorder that combines Holter, Event, and Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) into one device. It is capable of hands-free data transfer via Bluetooth. No need to manually remove an SD card to read at an analysis station. You can initiate a Bluetooth pairing and transfer the data using the NEMon Bluetooth Software solution. It has 3, 5, or 7 lead wires for 3 channel Holter and 2 or 3 lead wires for the Event. It is powered by 1 AA battery, making it portable and lightweight. The DR300 also can be a mobile cardiac telemetry event recorder that captures and records. When the patient passes within the Bluetooth range of the NEMon Gateway unit, the data is then sent via a cellular network to the He/LX (helix) analysis or LX event monitoring station for your convenience. The DR300 also can display multiple languages and instructions to help make it easier for your patient. The DR300 ensures to minimize retesting by providing patient hook-up quality and checks along with battery strength display. With the DR300 you will have an ambulatory electrocardiogram system that embodies the best of both the Holter and Event worlds.

3-year manufacturer's warranty is included. 


The HELX® Holter Analysis Software comes fully equipped with four levels of functionality: 

  • HELX® V6.0 Analysis Basic Software Kit
  • HELX® V6.0 Analysis Enhanced Software Kit
  • HELX® V6.0 Analysis Enhanced+ Software Kit
  • HELX® V6.0 Analysis Pro Software Kit

This state-of-the-art software has an efficient file structure that serves the doctor's office, scanning service, and most challenging cardiac practice. These practices provide a much more user-friendly environment in their reduction of time spent in producing intuitive and accurate patient results. 

The HELX® Holter Analysis Software supports remote offsite office connectivity as well as network environments. 

Key Features:

Maximum time-analyzed:

  • 14 days

Arrhythmia Detection:

  • AFib – Enhanced Atrial Fibrillation beat detection and analysis
  • Ventricular Premature Beats (VPBs)
  • Supra-ventricular Premature Beats (SVPBs)

Presentation of data: 

  • Standard 25 mm/s for 3-lead and 12-lead recordings
  • 50 mm/s available for 12-lead recordings
  • All 12-lead data displayed for 12-lead recordings
  • For oximetry recordings, SpO2 replaces 3rd channel
  • Calibration indication provided in reports

ST-Segment slope:

  •  Positive or negative slope indicated based on manual setting of cursors by a trained operator

AN Capability:

  • Allows multiple users to access a common database of patient data without conflict.

Pacemaker detection:

  • Displayed and annotated for the operator


  • When available, displayed by the software
  • When at least 4 hours of noise-free data is provided it will calculate AHI (Apnea- hypopnea index) value.


  • The capability of labeling all arrhythmias with the operator's input
  • Modular with the ability for the operator to select modules to be included
  • All reportable values and labels are editable by the operator
  • Ability to remove and/or add sample ECG strips
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Warranty Information

3-Year Parts and Labor Warranty
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