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Prodigy 1417C Gen2 Wireless DR System

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Prodigy 1417C Gen2 Wireless DR System (XRpad2 4336)

The Prodigy 1417C Gen2 Wireless DR System (XRpad2 4336) sets the industry standard with its 100 micron pixel pitch with 5LP resolution. You can now reduce patient dose by up to 40% below current techniques. 16-bit dynamc range displays up to 65,536 shades of gray, and the cassete-sized detector fits in a conventional Bucky tray. With an ultra-high resolution (3524 x 4288 15MP) pixel matrix, and a true 35cm x 43 cm (14x17") image area, the Prodigy 1417C Gen2 Wireless DR System is truly one of a kind. 

This unit is IPX4 rated, allowing for protection against liquids. Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) allows for ease of installation. Direct deposition Cesium Iodide provides excellent image quality. Wireless comes with 802.11n standard, and two rechargeable batteries are also included with a battery charging station. Prime MED Acquire software provides both Medical and Veterinary interfaces and offers an optional Archive if needed for long-term storage. The Prodigy 1417C Gen2 Wireless DR System fits into conventional table and wall-stands just like a film or CR cassette with no monidcations needed. 

Includes a 2-year standard warranty. 

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Warranty Information

2-Year Warranty
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