GE TruSat Pulse Oximeter

Handheld Pulse Oximeter
Rugged, lightweight design for all around use.
Easy to use
Three button operation with memory and patient lockout features.
3-Year Manufacturer Warranty
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For wherever your patients take you

The GE Trusat Pulse Oximeter is a reliable real world oximetry solution that was designed to be rugged and lightweight (only 2.76 lbs). Truesignal offers improved performance, especially during challenging conditions. With its low noise technology, it is able to select the appropriate clinically developed algorithm to compensate for weak or motion-induced signals and generate a reliable saturation reading. With its portable features, it comes with a long battery life (up to 35 hours of uninterrupted usage), which comes in handy when in use at a hospital or intrahospital transport, such as in the PACU, NICU, ER/Urgent Care. It is also simple to use, with its three button operation, it can be used in the home, small office/clinics, in a sleep lab. It can store up to 48 hours of data and comes with a patient lock out feature so patients can’t accidentally change the settings.


The GE TruSat Pulse Oximeter Features:

  • At 2.76 pounds, Ohmeda TruSat™ is less than half the weight of most bedside oximeters.
  • Extremely durable housing has rubber bumpers to protect the display and controls from damage during unexpected falls
  • PIr, a quick, easy to use clinical tool for a dynamic numeric reflection of perfusion at the sensor site
  • Simple three-button operation
  • Trend memory stores up to 48 hours of data for extended monitoring
  • Backlit screen for easy viewing in all light conditions
  • Compatible with various patient types using OxyTip+ sensors and cables
  • Trend Download software available on CD-ROM generates comprehensive reports for sleep studies


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