GE TuffSat Hand Held Pulse Oximeter

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For Clinicians on the go

The GE Tuffsat handheld pulse oximeter was designed as a tool that can withstand the toughest clinical situations. With exceptional portability and durability it, it still provides you quick access to relevant clinical information on the go. The GE Tuffsat pulse oximeter is highly versatile and ideal for spot checks across many different patient types. It easily fits in your pocket or can be worn on a belt. With excellent visibility in low light conditions, it is ready to go whenever you are. Since it is small and lightweight, it was designed for simple one hand operation It has a rubber grip to offer secure handling and intuitive features that does not require any additional training. With its backlit large LCD display numbers are easily read. It also comes with a low battery indicator and inferred link to an optional external HP printer that enables real-time printing. The GE Tuffsat oximeter has been tested to meet international durability standards and has proven effective in challenging conditions. It is water resistant and thus optimal in almost all conditions.  It features PIr (relative perfusion index) measurement which is a clinical tool for dynamic numeric reflection of perfusion at the sensor site. It is used to rapidly locate the sensor site with the strongest pulse signal by comparing the perfusion index at different sensor sites. Thus, increasing the validity of the SpO2 and pulse rate data.

3-year manufacturer's warranty is included. 
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3-Year Warranty
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