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Konica Minolta CDR HG+ CCD DR Panel 1417

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Tailored software and hardware for the Chiropractic Market

The Konica Minolta CDR HG+ CCD DR Panel 1417 is a 14 x17 flat panel with CCD sensors that directly captures the image data and displays it on an acquire computer workstation within seconds from exposure. It is adaptable to most existing x-ray system with our universal grid cabinets making it easy to install without any hassle. The versatile flat panel detectors can be configured in both retrofit (existing x-ray equipment) as well as brand new exclusive Straight-Arm X-ray Configurations. This DR system is built to your specific needs. It includes a digital panel, acquisition workstation, exposure interface, latest computer technology, and full Opal-Chiro software package with comprehensive Chiro-Tools. With this package, you will find that it is the ideal solution for your digital x-ray needs.

5-year parts and labor warranty + 5-year software support is included. 
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