Fuji FCR Carbon CR System

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FUJI FCR Carbon CR System

The Carbon XL is ideal for distributed applications such as inside the exam room or even a trauma bay with a speed of up to 94 images an hour and image previews in as little as 23 seconds. With that flexibility, the Carbon XL is also a great redundancy solution during peak periods.

The Carbon X is designed for smaller facilities with variable caseloads or remote applications with throughput speeds of up to 73 images/hour. It can supplement a DR room or offer redundancy when needed. Either way, there's an FCR Carbon to fit your needs and your space perfectly.


  • Small 2.4 sq. ft. footprint
  • Fast image previews beginning in as little as 10 seconds
  • Quick throughput
  • Built-in redundancy features for maximum uptime
  • Mobile options
  • 94 images/hour
  • Fast image previews
  • 1 Year Warranty
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