Jaken Cardio-View LAN DICOM Viewing Software (Single User)

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Jaken Cardio-View LAN DICOM Viewing Software (Single User)

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Jaken Cardio-View DICOM Viewing, Reporting & Archiving Solutions: For Cardiologists looking for a high-quality Viewer at an affordable, low cost. Download your Jaken Cardio-View 30-Day Trial Software Now!

Viewer Features:

  • Reporting
  • Study note creation
  • Window/leveling
  • Pan
  • Zoom
  • CD - Import
  • CD - Burning (SWRSVSCGB)
  • Windows print
  • Shutter
  • Magnifying glass
  • Pseudo color
  • Export image/series as DICOM, JPEG, BMP, AVI files
  • Attach documents to study
  • Attach non-dicom image to study (ie jpg)
  • Receive studies from PACS via DICOM
  • Query / Retrieve from PACS via DICOM
  • Send images and attached annotations / documents to PACS via DICOM
  • Rotate / Flip Orientation ICONS
  • Information Text overlay (patient name / study info)
  • Annotation graphics (line, curve, circle, text, arrow)
  • Basic Measurement (distance, Area, Angle, Cobb angle, Density, angle of intersecting lines, Heart / Chest Ratio)
  • EchoCardiology Measurement (Peak Pressure Gradient, Velocity Time Integration, LA volume Bi-Plane, Volume single plane, LV volume Modified Simpson's method Bi-Plane, Ejection Fraction, Deceleration Time, Diameter for Circular Area, Y0 Calibration)
  • Multi-Frame viewing and comparison with playback tools
  • Creates a Local "worklist" of all Studies and Patients for easy access and viewing
  • Can compare studies side by side on same monitor

 Viewer Echocardiography Tools:

  • Peak Pressure Gradient:
  • Velocity-Time Integration (VTI):
  • Left Atrial Volume:
  • Volume Measurement with Single-Plane Area-Length Method:
  • Left Ventricular Volume:
  • Ejection Fraction:
  • Deceleration Time:
  • Diameter for Circular Area:
  • Y0 Calibration:

 Echocardiography Ultrasound Image Regions:

Currently supported echocardiography measurement tools only apply to the following Ultrasound Image Regions.

  • 2D regions, including 2D Tissue and 2D Color Flow regions.
  • M-mode Tissue region and Doppler Velocity Waveform region.

The Doppler Velocity Waveform region allows the following measurement tools to be performed.

  • Peak Pressure Gradient
  • Velocity-Time Integration
  • Deceleration Time
  • Y0 Calibration

2D regions accept the following measurements.

  • Volume Measurement: Single-Plane Area-Length method
  • Volume Measurement: Biplane Area-Length method
  • Volume Measurement: Modified Simpsonís Biplane method
  • Ejection Fraction

2D regions and the M-mode Tissue region allow the following measurement.

  • Diameter for Circular Area


Download 30-Day Trial Software [Direct Download]


  • Viewing, Reporting & Archiving Solution
  • High-quality viewer at an affordable price
  • 30 Day Trial Software
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