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Konica Minolta C-FP Tethered Panel

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Receive high-quality images within seconds for your diagnostic needs

The Konica Minolta C-FP Tethered Panel offers images within seconds of exposure and fits easily into smaller x-ray rooms. The 17 x 17-inch panel produces high-quality images and can be configurable on multiple chiropractic stands. It utilizes Cesium scintillation and has a pixel size of 139 um, pixel matrix of 3072 x 3072. Its active area is 16.81” x 16.81” with an lp/mm of 3.5. It also comes with advanced software to help visualize the diagnosis. With the software, you will be allowed to burn CDs and print reports. It has auto-routing, film printing, and you will be able to scan documents into exams. It has real-time encrypted cloud backup and auto-archive images. The C-FP Tethered Panel comes with a customized chiropractic Pacs toolset that offers advanced measurement and alignment tools in addition to the standard set of advanced PACs tools and functionalities. The toolset includes but is not limited to: advanced orthogonal analysis, NUCCA analysis, Gonstead measurements, Upper cervical Analysis, George’s Lines, Ilium Analysis, Line Drawing, Measuring, Cervical Curve, Lumbar Curve, Orthospinology, Spine Labeling, Full spin stitching (optional), spine labeling, angles (regular, cobb, multi, multi-cobb, baseline, baseline angle orthogonal). The C-FP Tethered DR system will provide high-quality images for your diagnostic purposes.


5-year parts and labor warranty + 5-year software support is included. 
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