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Micro Direct SpiroUSB Spirometer

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Plug and Play spirometer with accuracy and affordability

The Micro Medical Spiro USB is an advanced Spirometer designed to easily plug directly into the PC. Designed for ease of use with single click operation of all the main functions. It utilizes a software that is structured around Spider 5 with its user-friendly modern multi-window visual interface. It can measure up to 41 spirometer indices with open and closed loop test techniques and overlay previous test curves. The Micro Medical Spiro USB comes with the ability to trend results together with lung age calculation. The software can be linked to other patient journal or GP administration systems, occupational health or other medical databases. With a laptop or notebook PC, the SpiroUSB becomes a mobile station for all your spirometry needs. Other features include full ATS test quality checks, real time flow/volume or volume/time traces. It also includes a child incentive animated display, and the ability to do pre and post bronchodilator comparisons, with a long-term trend of lung function parameters. It uses a Micro Medical Gold Standard Bidirectional digital volume transducer and has a resolution of 10ml volume 0.03l/s flow, with an accuracy of +/- 3%.

Easy to use
Single click operation of all the main functions at your disposal.
Interpretation by trending results together
Long term trend of lung function parameters
3 Year Manufacture Warranty
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