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RADIOMAT Thermal DM 2 B Dry Medical Film

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RADIOMAT™ Thermal 14x17 DM 2 B Dry Medical Film (EP1ND)

High Contrast, High-Density Thermal Dry Processing Film RADIOMAT™ DM 2 Film is designed for use in Agfa DRYSTAR 5300 Imagers. These dry film products produce the very highest diagnostic grayscale hardcopy images. The silver-based image has a Dmax greater than 3.0, low fog, and excellent stability. The extended density range of RADIOMAT™ Dry Medical Films makes it ideal for multi-modality imaging, including Computed Radiology, CT, MRI, Digital X-Ray, and Ultrasound.



  • 14 x 17 high-resolution hardcopy images with the "look and feel" of conventional laser films
  • Ideal for Computed Radiology, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Digital X-Ray, and Vascular Imaging
  • No liquid chemicals, darkroom, or plumbing needed
  • State-of-the-art technology produces a silver-based image with D-Max greater than 3.0
  • One consumable - no donor ribbon
  • The silver-based image on 7-mil polyester media
  • Storage: 100 sheets per box
  • Shelf life: 18 months after manufacturing date
  • Storage temperature: 5 to 25∫C (41 to 77∫F)
  • No relative humidity control
  • Archivability complies with ANSI IT 9.11 and IT 9.19, extended term
  • Storage minimum 20 years
  • RADIOMAT™†DM 2 is also offered in a clear base
  • 14 x 17 high-resolution hardcopy images
  • No liquid, darkroom, plumbing needed
  • Archivability of over 20 years
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