Rayence DCX Digital Chiropractic X-Ray

  • Rayence DCX Digital Chiropractic X-Ray
  • 1717SCC Tethered Flat Panel Detector


Rayence DCX Digital Chiropractic X-Ray 

The Rayence DCX Digital Chiropractic X-Ray successfully combines flexibility, productivity and affordability. This system promptly progresses patient workflow by eliminating the use of computed radiography (CR) cassettes or developing orthodox x-ray film.

Powered by the Rayence 1717SCC cesium fixed detector, the Rayence DCX provides technologists access to high resolution digital imaging and image processing abilities. With a floor-wall tube stand and a compact wall stand that delivers extensive vertical travel, the radiologist is granted with a full range of upright positions to choose from.

The tube stand features electromagnetic brakes and a fixed position tube arm for simple and accurate positioning to the wall stand. Last but not least, the complete systems comes equipped with Rayence’s latest ClearON image processing. The chiropractic package includes a mini-archive with advanced viewers and over 50 chiropractic specific measuring tools.

The Rayence DCX Digital Chiropractic X-Ray Includes:

  • DR Chiropractic X-Ray Room fits 6’ W x 9.5’ L x 8’ H
  • 1717SCC Tethered Flat Panel Detector
  • Rayence Xmaru Chiropractic Software
  • 5-Year Warranty, 1-Year Warranty on Tube


  • Imagine Process
    • Perfect Image Acquisition (No Adjustment Required)
    • Noise suppression
    • Easy Observation for Bones and Microstructures
    • Integration Software for Automatic Image Optimization
    • Advanced Image Processing for Diagnostic Use
  • Harmonic Stitching (Optional)

Image stitching is attained by choosing one of three approaches: Full Auto, Semi-Auto or Manual. To abolish the exposure borders of each image due to wavering densities, Rayence’s advanced gradation process is automatically applied.

Together with Rayence’s optional automatic stitching software, up to three views can be automatically stitched at a touch of a button, making stitching examinations easier than ever to attain.

  • Complete Acquisition Software
    • User-Friendly Data Searching
    • Fast Image Acquisition
    • Image Viewing
    • Reprocessing
    • Optimizing & Archiving
    • Intuitive GUI
      • Intuitive & Direct Graphic User Interface with X-ray Detector & Generator
      • Optimized Exposure Conditions & Image Review


  • Wall Stand
    • Power Requirement: 24 VDC
    • Wall Stand Height: 78.74 in (200 cm)
    • Detector Bucky Height: 23.38 in (59.4 cm)
    • Vertical Travel Range: 57.87 in (147 cm)
    • Wall Stand Width (With Detector) 23.25 in (59 cm)
    • Wall Stand Depth (With Detector) 13 in (33 cm)
    • Max. Bucky Center Height (73.22 in (186 cm)
    • Min. Bucky Center Height (14 in (35.6 cm)
    • Left or Right-Hand Load Bucky: Yes
  • Power Requirements
    • Tube:
      • Toshiba E7239
      • 1.0/2.0 Focus, 140KHU
    • Collimator:
      • M-38 LED
    • Detector:
      • 1717SCC
      • 17 in x 17 in (43 cm x 43 cm)
    • Generator:
      • 40kW, 1 Phase
      • 10 – 500ma
      • 220/240VAC
  • 1717SCC Tethered Flat Panel Detector
    • Scintillator Type: CsI:TI
    • Dimension: 18.1 x 18.1 x 0.6 in
    • Pixel Pitch: 127 μm
    • Limiting Resolution: Min. 2.5 / Max. 3.57 lp/mm
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Warranty Information

5-Year Warranty, 1-Year Warranty on Tube
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