Refurbished GE CASE v6.5 Stress System & T2100 Treadmill



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GE Case v6.5 Exercise Stress testing System with GE T2100 Treadmill

The GE Case v6.5 Exercise Stress testing system is a standalone highly scalable exercises diagnostic testing solution that can help doctors quickly and easily assess cardiac function. With proven clinical excellence, the GE Case system has productivity enhancing applications and features that will help you put the stress on performance. The Case system features the ability to connect to a Local Area Network (LAN) and is able to store patient data and test results to a central database for easy record keeping and reviewing. You will be able to review, edit, and print data remotely which helps optimize your workflow. With seamless connectivity to EMR, PACs, and MUSE cardiology information system, you can use this standalone system or a group of workstations to meet your office needs. This system can meet the performance and productivity requirements of virtually any size or type of facility.

This easy to use system provides clinical data quality and accuracy by using industry leading algorithms and interpretation. The Exercise Test Interpretation (XTI) statements highlight critical values during stress testing and provides an advanced analysis of risk prediction, functional response, and ischemia. You will get better insight with additional information to help you make better treatment decisions. With the new ST/HR hysteresis analysis feature, you will be able to increase the accuracy in detecting coronary artery disease in women and provide confidence in identifying the right treatment. With its seamless integration of the SunTech Tango + (sold separately), blood pressure and SpO2 are automatically recorded in the Case system during a stress test. With full disclosure, you will be able to review and re analyze every beat and arrhythmia for enhanced clinical confidence. The proven Marquette 12SL ECG analysis and 15 lead stress testing are available for increased result accuracy, for confident clinical decisions.  With risk predicting algorithms, including Duke Treadmill Score, patented T wave Alternans (TWA) and heart rate recovery you can predict the patients' risk of sudden cardiac problems. Case supports user adjustable controls that help improve data quality with algorithms that have the clearest most accurate test results such as cubic spline correction and Finite Residual Filtering (FRF).

GE Case v6.5 Exercise Stress testing system was designed to streamline your workflow with the ability to seamlessly connect to your EMR and allowing you to remote access patient data and test results fast and improved your productivity. Whether you need one CASE system or one dozen, this unit is highly scalable and can meet the performance and productivity requirements of virtually any type of facility. It has a single, network, or enterprise option. Comes with Case networking and has an open system architecture that has standard communication protocols such as HL7, DICOM, XML, and TCP/IP. The Case system has the option for bi directional data exchange. Basically, a DICOM modality worklist that can help you exchange and have a simultaneous review of imaging and EKG data to improve dual modality procedure efficiency. It can easily connect to a PC workstation to increase efficiency and reporting for editing and confirmation purposes. The system has the capabilities to protect your data and system with multi-level passwords and security configurations. To further help with your workflow, the case system has export flexibility. It can easily export via PDF, Microsoft word, Excel or XML formats. The PDF file can be automatically generated based on patient demographic data to ensure that it is an accurate match to the patient’s EMR or HIS files. With a flexible user interface, it can accommodate multiple customer set ups to help you with your workflow.

The T2100 treadmill was designed to meet the high demand of a busy cardiology diagnostic office. It was built with patient safety, dependability and quality performance in mind. This medical grade treadmill features a 60 inches treadmill surface and provides an extra margin for the safety of the patient. It has a zero start feature that slowly builds up speed and provides a safe and smooth operation. It comes with a standard stop button that enables a gradual stop and an emergency stop button for an immediate stop. It has full front and side rails that come standard with each treadmill and has the capacity to hold up to 450lbs.

1-year parts and labor warranty included. 

Note: Power requirements – 208 to 240 VAC, 50/60HZ, single phase, 20 Amperes, NEMA 6-20 Wall socket (A dedicated circuit is recommended).


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1-Year Parts and Labor Warranty
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