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Refurbished Northeast Monitoring, Inc. DR181 Holter Recorder

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Refurbished Northeast Monitoring, Inc. DR181 Holter Recorder

DR181 is a 12 lead Digital Holter recorder that provides high-quality data for research and clinical evaluation. It meets EC11 and EC-38 standards and has an ergonomic design and proven reliability. It maximizes Holter reimbursements. The DR181 patient cables help with reducing artifacts for better signal integrity and noise immunity. It has pacemaker detection and the ability to adjust to fit your 12 lead recording requirements. The intervals and strip lengths are adjustable and can record continuously in all 12 leads at a resolution of 12 bits per sample. The DR181 has features to maximize good quality recording cycles, such as battery checks, lead hook-up quality, date, and patient ID on LCD before deployment. This will reduce mix-ups since the patient ID will be encoded on the memory card. It also includes a high-resolution mode that can be selected for pediatric patients. The DR181 is compatible with Northeast Holter LX Analysis software. The DR181 can store large amounts of data on a removable HDSD card that can be later reviewed using a card reader and a PC. Overall, the DR181 is a reliable piece of equipment you can use for research and clinical evaluations.

Includes a 90-day warranty. 

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Warranty Information

90-Day Warranty
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