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Schiller Maglife Serenity MRI Monitor

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The patient Monitoring system for MRI Examinations.

The Schiller Maglife Serenity is a state of the art monitoring systems for MRI examinations that guarantees the highest EKG quality. It can scan even under the strongest gradient influence. It is able to monitor all vital parameters during anesthesia in a MRI environment. It is specifically designed for adults, children and neonates by providing special monitoring needs during examinations. The Maglife Serenity provides you a high quality reading and ensures protection against high gradient artefacts. It has up to three outputs for vital parameters and has both analogue and digital outputs to ensure compatibility with all types and brands of MRI devices. It has a wide operational range with 0.2 Tesla to 3.0 Tesla imagers of all manufacturers. It has optical measurement methods that permit unrestricted and safe positioning of temperature sensor even at high field MRIs.  With the ability to run on battery it gives you additional mobility and flexibility and provides a patient orientated data management an documentation in every situation. Since the Serenity can be connected to a screen, the system can be used with several MRIs in a confined space. It also is able to connect and communicate via optical fiber cable, Ethernet or WLAN. The Schiller Maglife Serenity MRI monitor also has the option to provide either wireless or optically wired SpO2. The wireless option provides you total mobility and reduces the need for patient installation time. With built-in continuous magnetic stray field analyzers, it offers the highest safety with alarms and shutdowns that can be triggered at any time during operation, even when the device is shut off. It has user friendly features such as clearly visible color screens on TFT monitor and easy to use software with a user friendly operation. IT easily transports and can be placed on the MR compatible anesthesia car for better mobility. IT provides simultaneous monitoring of 32 vital parameters and thus you will always have an overview of your patient at all times.

1-year warranty is included. 
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1-Year Warranty
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