Rayence XMARU 1717 SCC DR Panel

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The fast and easy to use Rayence Xmaru 1717 SCC DR panel

The Rayence Xmaru 1717 SCC DR panel is a tethered 17x17 inch digital detection panel that fits into standard cassette trays without modifications. It also provides additional flexibility when positioning the patient as well as eliminating the need for the detection to be rotated. The Rayence Xmaru 1717 SCC DR panel was designed to be fixed or move freely from table to Bucky with ease and at the convenience of the user.  Rayence Xmaru 1717 SCC DR panel provides a fast and efficient way of digital radiography for a professional setting at an economical price.

Improved Efficiency
Tethered digital detector will give you high quality Images in approximately 5 seconds.
Easy Installation
Quick and simple when it comes to fitting into a standard cassette tray.
5 year Warranty
Manufacturer Warranty
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