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Refurbished GE CARESCAPE B650 Patient Monitor



A patient monitor combining features and functionality you need to provide exceptional care.

The Refurbished GE CARESCAPE B650 Patient Monitor will help you get the right clinical information, when, and where you need it. It is flexible, scalable technology that lets you acquire, store, and retrieve critical data efficiently and securely across your entire enterprise. The combination of the monitor with the portable Carescape patient data module or patient-side module helps to ensure dependable data continuity and integrity during transport. It will continuously monitor your patient’s vital parameters and help minimize the need to reconnect or change accessories. It comes with advanced alarming features such as an auto view on alarm, to help increase remote vigilance and improve workflow when caring for multiple patients. It has locked alarm guardrails to help keep limits within the hospitals’ guidelines. It has false alarm reduction that is aided by GE EK-Pro Algorithm and escalating alarms to help reduce clinically irrelevant calls. Software and advanced tools dedicated to critical care help you assess the patient’s cardiac function, hemodynamics, ventilation/oxygenation, and overall status. It comes with pages and profiles functionality that lets you configure quickly for patient acuity, type of case, or clinical statuses. It comes with Insite ExC to perform remote diagnostics, predictive maintenance, and seamless upgrades to help minimize downtime.

1-year parts and labor warranty included. 


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1-Year Parts and Labor Warranty
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