Refurbished Quinton TM55 Stress Treadmill



Easy to use medical grade treadmill for your stress echo testing. 

The TM 55 treadmill is a medical grade treadmill that is easy to use and is whisper quiet. It has an ultra-dive that ensures a slow and safe start. It also is fully integrated with Quinton Q stress cardiac stress testing system that can adjust speed and grade with a touch of a button. The ultra-drive system provides an exceptionally smooth power and accuracy even at slow speeds and with patients up to 500lbs. It is a reliable piece of technology that has few moving parts and thus minimal maintenance is required and thus less downtime. It meets all the major safety and regulatory requirements worldwide. It has rapid deceleration option for situations such as peak stress echo imaging. It has a digitally controlled AC drive system. 1-year parts and 90-day labor warranty is included. 

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Warranty Information

1-Year Parts and 90-Day Labor Warranty
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Additional Information

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