Refurbished Burdick Quest and TM55 Treadmill Complete System

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Burdick Quest-TM55
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Refurbished Burdick Quest and TM55 Treadmill Complete System

The Burdick Quest and TM55 Treadmill comes with an easy, intuitive touch screen that allows you to focus the patient condition and health. It is able to perform both resting 12 lead EKGs and stress tests all in one system. It features accurate EKG data acquisition and can eliminate patient noncardiac electrical noise. It has flexible programming which means that you can choose the protocol you want. It also has a generous amount of storage and enhanced online data editing that will give you several options of data management. It also has full range reporting and can provide you different reporting configurations that are optimized for your needs. The complete system has a digitally controlled treadmill that maximizes your systems’ reliability.

It also has the option to provide you a T wave Alternanas Algorithm. This system is compatible with most Mortara/Quinton cardiac stress tests systems. It has very few moving parts thus it requires minimal maintenance and has less downtime. It has an ultra-dive feature that can create a slow safe start. The treadmill includes a 55-inch walking surface and is available in 110V or 220V power. It meets major safety and regulatory requirements worldwide and comes with a one-year parts and labor warranty.

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