Refurbished Quinton Q-Stress Stress Monitor



Accurate, durable, streamlined stress system for your workplace. 

The Quinton Q Stress by Cardiac Science incorporates the latest innovations to help with your workflow. It is easy to use with new customizable summary reports and newly revamped protocols that allow you to change duration and effort levels on the fly. It is designed to make it easy to learn with a left to right workflow and simple to understand icons and intuitive controls. It comes with a propriety algorithm, baseline wander, and motion artifact filters to help reduce noise and produce clean EKG tracings event at high speeds and steep grades. It has the option to provide an ‘instant replay’ of any waveform during the test and you can ‘freeze’ any 10 seconds of the EKG strip and compare it with a “live” EKG tracing. The Q stress system can also print side by side comparison reports to make it easier for you to provide a comprehensive diagnostic decision. With full disclosure, you can capture and review every beat for absolute clinical confidence. The system also can include a patient’s risk score based on Duke, Framingham, and Functional Aerobic Impairment (FAI) indices. Automatic risk scores provide additional prognostic data and can be easily added to the report. The built-in tools allow you to modify original iso electric points, J points, and timing to adjust for new patient data or to compensate for physiological changes during the test. Individual and multiple leads can be reanalyzed using new iso-electric points for a ‘Holter-like’ review.

The Quinton Q-Stress has the flexibility to connect to your IT system in a way that best works for your workflow. It is able to bi-directionally communicate using HL7 or DICOM to import demographics, billing and procedural codes to Q stress. It allows you to export comprehensive test reports to help minimize documentation errors or lost information. It easily connects to virtually any EMR, HIS, PACs and other IT systems such as GE Muse. It is easy to implement and requires little not healthcare information system customization. It also utilizes XML and PDF technology to help you connect to systems such as HeartCentrix, network storage, printing, and email.

1-year parts and 90-day labor warranty included. 

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1-Year Parts and 90-Day Labor Warranty
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