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Schiller Medilog AR12 Plus Holter Recorder

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EKG Recorder offers a wide range of EKG Analysis options for your convenience.

The Schiller Medilog AR12 Plus Holter Recorder was designed with a wide range of features and options. It can perform 1 or 3 channel EKG recordings and has PureECG Technology to provide you with superior signal quality. It has P wave detection for accurate atrial fibrillation screenings and EchoView for instantaneous detection of atrial fibrillation onset. It also has sleep apnea detection with synchronized EKG respiration waveforms and SpO2 readings. The Holter recorder is robust, shock-proof, and splash-proof. Allowing the user to wear it comfortably, without worry. It has voice recordings that allow technicians to store patient information before a recording and patients can easily and immediately record their diary event with comments to synchronize with the EKG reading. Bluetooth is also available to make transmission during recording and check up easily and quickly. The AR12 plus Holter recorder has the option to have a SpO2. It has a max recording time of 80 hours and can be used with 3, 4, or 7 leads. With the AR12 plus Holter recorder, you will be able to obtain accurate and fast readings to help provide the best patient care.

Multiple features

P-Wave Detection, HRV Analysis, and much more.

Accurate Measurements

24-Hour Holter Recording


1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


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