Schiller MEDILOG® DARWIN2 Holter System

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Schiller’s medilog® Holter system provides a comprehensive analysis of the human being as a whole.

The Schiller Medilog Darwin 2 Holter System is a unique diagnostic tool, in that you can now process routine Holter EKG quicker and more accurately than before. The software analyzes across all channels and episodes to reduce noise and artifacts making your recordings more accurate. Also with the extremely high sampling frequency used in the Medilog AR recorders, P waves are detected in real-time and the software is able to process this information and present the atrial activity in unique graphs such as ECHO view and show you PR Trends. With the software, it takes you a few seconds to obtain a comprehensive Holter report that you can load, analyzes, and access with the software’s user interface that is optimized for rapid processing. It will allow you to work at different reading and analysis stations within the network. Applications can range from interconnection of several PC in a practice to a larger group of hospitals and the integration of remote reading via the Internet.

Other features the software can include is PureECG, ST/QT pacemaker analysis, HRV analysis, Fire of Live automatic differentials, Apnoea detection, QRS detection, P wave detection and atrial analysis, Motion detection and analysis, Wireless interface (Bluetooth), and/or spO2 sensor.

Each medical practice has its own unique work routine, the Schiller Medilog Darwin 2 Holter System has the ability to adapt and be customized for your needs.  The software can be operated with one or two monitors and can be easily integrated into networks and is compatible with a multitude of high-speed printers. Patient data can be stored on a CD or DVD for easy and simple sharing.

Quick and Accurate Reading with Advanced Features
ECHO View for instantons detection of atrial fibrillation onset.
Customized to your needs
Create customized reports and analyze trends easily with the Onscreen software.
1-Year Warranty
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