Viztek Vizion DR Plus Wireless

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Wireless/AED Technology
Ability to improve workflow by instantly sending images to your system easily and quickly.
Weighing at approximately 7lbs, made of highly durable, this device is made of highly durable material which can be taken anywhere and be used in any type of medical office.
Enhanced Gadolinium Technology
Useful radiology tool for diagnostic medicine.

Taking Digital Radiography to the Next Level

Viztek's ViZion DR Panel offers numerous features that improve the workflow for radiologist and other healthcare providers. By taking advantage of its AED technology, one can instantly receive high quality images on their system in an instant. Paired with advanced software, the 14x17 panel utilizes enhanced Gadolinium technology to help improve imaging quality. It's versatility and durability allows the device to be used almost anywhere, for both new systems as well as retrofitted rooms.

Included is the ViZion Acquire software, a useful tool that can be used for image capture, manipulation and sending information. With this new piece of technology it will revolutionize your workflow and improve your practice and patient care dramatically. 

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