Welch Allyn DS45 Integrated Aneroid

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Welch Allyn DS45 Integrated Aneroid with Durable One-Piece Adult Cuff Zippered Case

The Welch Allyn DS45 Integrated Aneroid includes the DuraShock Sphygmomanometer which is the first and only gear free shock resistant aneroid. It features a uniquely integrated, cuff mounted design that is compact and lightweight for ease of use. Its gauge and cuff design allows for extremely low profile and more convenient readings, handling, and storage. The gauge snaps directly into the cuff for fast, easy cuff changes. The gauge can rotate 360 degrees for easy viewing. It was also designed for an accurate application to the brachial artery of either arm for more convenient measurements. For convenience, it has an innovative two-tone cuff for faster and easier orientation and application, especially in low light conditions. The One-piece cuff eliminates the need to remove or replace bladders and is more durable than traditional cuffs. It is Latex free and easy to clean, disinfect, or sterilize. The premium Tycos valve ensures long life and smooth even deflation. It large premium inflation build reduced the number of pumps required to inflate the cuff. It is certified accuracy to 3mmHG and has a laser-engraved dial face for accuracy. The Welch Allyn DS45 Integrated Aneroid comes with a 10-year calibration warranty.

Durable one-piece adult cuff
Reduces constant changing and maintenance. Helping you focus on improving your patient care.
Zippered case
For convenient storage and safe keeping.
Gear free Shock resistant aneroid
That provides accurate measurement in a uniquely integrated design.
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