GE Versana Premier Ultrasound System

  • GE Versana Premier Ultrasound System
  • GE Versana Premier Ultrasound System
  • GE Versana Premier Ultrasound System
  • GE Versana Premier Ultrasound System
  • ge versana premier color doppler
  • ge versana premier bi-plane prostate
  • ge versana premier auto bladder
  • ge versana premier prostate
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GE Versana Premier Ultrasound System

The GE Versana Premier is a one of a kind ultrasound system which is designed with the purpose of delivering efficient, high-quality care. This unit comes with a wide array of clinical features and ultrasound probes which allow for quick and comfortable exams and precise diagnosis. This unit comes with ergonomic features fopr clinician and patient comfort. Touch panel, large HD display, articulating monitoring arm, integrated battery, and a gel warmer are just a few of the advanced capabilities of the GE Versana. 

Each purchase of the GE Versana Premier Ultrasound System comes with a 5-year warranty and 4-hour remote training. 


  • VOCAL - Virtual organ computer-aided analysis; 3D tool which allows for a volume calculation of eccentrically shaped areas or complex anatomical structures
  • Tissue Velocity Imaging (TVI) -  Calculates and color-codes the velocities in tissues
  • Scan Assistant - Allows ultrasound sonographers with predefined standardized exam protocols which walk them through all sequences of image acquisiition, reducing stress adn fatigue, saving keystrokes, and maximizing exam consistency
  • Needle Recognition - Perform precise biopsies with technology which clarifies the precise location of the needle point
  • Whizz Image Tuning - Whizz button will continuously and automatically optimize the image, even as you may move from one organ to another
  • Contrast Enhancement Ultrasound (CEUS) - Vasculariztion detection technique which uses the sound reflection properties of injected contrast agent
  • 3D/4D - Visualize all three image planes within a scan volume in real time; 3D image rendering and display provide quick reconstruction of anatomical sweeps; 4D provides continuous, high-volume acquisition of 3D images
  • Auto EF - Automatically track myocardial tissue deformation and calculate the left ventricular ejection fraction
  • Myocardial Doppler - Imaging with color overlay on the issue image 
  • Tissue Doppler - Acquire data in the background during regular 2D imaging
  • B-Flow and B-Flow Color - B-Flow's purpose is to provide a more intuitive representation of non-quantitative hemodynamics in vascular structures
  • Stress Echo - Evualtuate heart segment function th rough myocardium stress scoring and comparison with this simple template editor; stress echo support enables wall motion scoring and automatic stress level labeling of measurements
  • Insite Technology - GE advanced remote service technology and remote monitoring diagnositics and repair; connect your ultrasound system with a GE service expert on the spot
  • SonoBiometry - Receive suggested caliper placements to perform standardized BPD, AC, HC, FL and HL fetal measurements


GE Versana Premier

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Warranty Information

5-Year Warranty
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