Industries We Serve

A large part of medical treatment in today’s rapidly advancing world relies much on the part of the equipment. Jaken Medical has been supplying medical equipment and devices to the many industries that make up the medical field. We offer a wide selection of medical equipment ranging from affordable to state of the art. Below are industries that we serve and how each can benefit from choosing Jaken Medical.


Hospitals are extremely important places to have everything functioning as reliably and efficiently as humanly possible. A hospital is only as good as its doctors, staff, and the equipment in its facility. All these factors play significant roles in the job of saving lives. Whether it is diagnosing a patient, monitoring a patient, or treating a patient, hospitals demand the best and typically have the budget for it. Jaken Medical supplies hospitals with new, up-to-date equipment for their usability and reliability. We carry the best equipment and are able to provide a wide range of products to suit a hospital’s strict demand.

Veteran Affairs (VA) Hospitals

VA hospitals are hospitals provided to military veterans on behalf of the United States Government. Like your typical hospital, VA hospitals require much of same equipment for their patients. However, unlike your typical hospital, many VA hospitals are not supported by a similar budget. Jaken Medical offers multiple configurations of many models, allowing facilities to purchase equipment at their budget and specifically for their intended use.

Government Facilities

Jaken Medical supplies many government facilities with equipment and devices they need at special government pricing. This pricing applies to many of the new products on our website as well as our wide selection of reconditioned products. Much of our reconditioned products can be found at our DotMed website, in addition to Ebay.

Private Practice Physicians

Whether building a new office or running an established one, private practice physicians need numerous medical equipment for the smooth operation of their medical office. A large concern with private practice physicians is their budgets. Many must find the balance between the best equipment and stay within their budget. Jaken Medical assists private practice physicians with many model configurations and reconditioned products that help them find this balance and keep their practice performing as it should. What we offer is value.


Cardiology is a vastly studied field with many new breakthroughs and use of plenty of equipment. Much of Jaken Medical’s inventory consists of cardiology equipment. We pride ourselves in providing a very large selection of equipment for the heart. Cardiology equipment offered are both new and reconditioned EKG machines, stress test systems, defibrillators, Holter systems, ambulatory blood pressure monitors, and doppler systems.


Universities are at the forefront of medical research. Institutions such as these utilize Jaken Medical to supply their facilities with new equipment. University labs and medical schools all make use of Jaken to educate their students and grow a new crop of doctors who are proficient in their field.

Resellers / Vendors

Resellers and vendors make use of Jaken Medical in order to build their inventory for the resale of medical equipment. Our website provides a great place to start for the research of a variety of equipment. Our customer service reps are also able to help with any questions and concerns pertaining to the resale of our product line.

Imaging Centers / X-Ray Imaging Centers

Diagnostic imaging equipment comprises a good portion of Jaken Medical’s inventory. Imaging Centers can make the most of Jaken Medical’s line of imaging equipment with many choices. Selection allows Imaging Centers to choose the right equipment that meets their budget.

Biomedical Technicians

Biomedical Technicians work alongside various institutions in a variety of industries for the maintenance, modification, and installation of medical equipment in their facilities. Jaken Medical can assist any Biomedical technician with finding the equipment they are looking for.