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Buying Guide for EKG/ECG Machines

Buying the right EKG machine is not only a product comparison, but a question of what is the ideal machine for your practice. The right EKG machine can transform your workflow dramatically, and in return, help provide the best possible care for your patients. Here at Jaken Medical, our number one priority is finding the right device for you.

With that in mind, where do we start? What is your budget? Do you work in a small office or have multiple locations? This guide will help you ask the right questions and with the help of our website, can provide you the answers. If you already know what you are looking for, our easy to use EKG/ECG product page can get you started. Feel free to use the filters to help refine your search, or contact us if you have further questions.

PC-Based EKG vs. Traditional Box EKG Systems

Choosing between a PC-based or Traditional Box system typically depends on personal preference. Some healthcare providers prefer the Traditional Box system (like the ELI250c) due to the fact that they have previous knowledge of using one. Traditional Box systems are simple to use and provide an immediate hard copy printout for instant review. However, as technology has improved, some PC-based systems (like Norav 1200 Blue ECG) are equipped with additional features that can help with workflow in a small practice, such as exporting as PDF for optimizing storage and EMR connectivity or able to print to a standard desk jet printer, thus saving money on thermal print paper. In terms of pricing, they are both relatively the same when comparing units with similar features. A great example of a PC-based system is the GE CardioSoft v6.7 Resting ECG System; for a Traditional Box system, the GE MAC 2000 System provides you with an “all-in-one” solution.

EMR/EHR Connectivity

Understanding your workflow will help best determine the right system for you. Most EKG machines can provide EKG recordings and information to you in both physical and digital formats.

PC-based EKG machines consist of analysis software and the accessories needed to perform an EKG. The analysis software is loaded onto your office computer, thus transforming it into an EKG machine. This provides you the ability to send EKG information in a variety of ways while allowing you access to clinical data when and where you need it.  Some machines can be integrated into existing EMR Systems such as GE’s Muse Cardiology Information System or existing EMRs. This allows the ability to quickly retrieve, manage, and archive patient data.

Traditional Box systems have no need to for extra cables or steps--With the press of a button, a Traditional Box system can generate a printout instantly. However, for some units to electronically send data to other physicians, you may need to convert the printout to an alternative format such as a PDF. This requires scanning the print out and saving it onto an external drive, then exporting the file via PC.

With advances in technology, there are now Traditional Box EKG units that are designed to connect effortlessly for the sake of improving workflow. An example of this is GE’s MAC 2000 System, which can input patient demographics, perform EKG recordings, and allow you to export files as a PDF or XML all within one machine. This streamlined workflow is ideal for smaller practices, however, is also ideal for a high volume office setting. This type of integration within existing systems helps modernize any practice’s daily operations.

A busy practice needs simple solutions. Our goal at Jaken Medical is to help you on your journey to finding the perfect machine for your business.

Memory for EKGs

One of the key differences between a Traditional Box and PC-based system is the storage. A box system generally comes with memory that allows storage for approximately 100 to 300 EKG recordings. In contrast, a PC- based system is only limited by the size of your hard drive. Some systems even provide a searchable database of historical data, further improving your practice’s efficiency.

Portability - The Advantages of Portable EKG Systems

Do you have multiple offices? Do you have a large office dedicated to EKGs? Do you need an ‘all-in-one’ system that includes Stress or Holter, for example, Nasiff Cardiosuite System? These question will help choose what fits best for you. With today’s technology, portability does not compromise the accuracy or power of the unit. Both portable and non-portable units deliver high performance EKG/ECGs with comprehensive and advanced capabilities.

Your choice may also be based on personal preference or surroundings. If you have multiple offices, having a portable unit to take to each location may be more viable for you than transporting a machine on a trolley cart (which are sold separately). If you are working in a large room that is dedicated to performing EKGs, perhaps a unit with a cart is more ideal, as this allows you to store all of your accessories and supplies (GE Mac 5500HD, Mac 2000, ELI280, or ELI250c) and if needed, be able to move freely within an office. Overall, choose what fits best for you.

Additional EKG Machine Features

EKG machines come with a wide array of features, ranging from things such as colored screens, half to full page printouts, and specific interpretive software. Here is a list of potential features an EKG unit can have:

  • Barcode scanning or card reader for automatic input of patient data
  • Additional exporting capabilities for example, XML, PDF, JPEG, DICOM (Mac 2000, ELI250c, Mac 5500/HD)
  • Password Security
  • Wireless Acquisition Module (WAM) to help with accuracy (Mortara ELI280 WAM or GE CAM 14)
  • Advanced Algorithms specific to various patient types, allowing for interpretation. This is validated against clinically verified databases. An example of this is the Marquette’s 12SL with Gender-Specific Interpretation found on Mac 2000, Mac 1200, or Mac 5500 HD.
  • Analog EKG/ECGs outputs to help with integration with other cardiac diagnostics devices such as external monitors or ultrasound machines.
  • Patent demographic inputting and customization (Nihon Kohden 1350A).


Additional EKG Accessories

In terms of pricing, something to factor in your decision is the cost of cardiology accessories and supplies. Printouts can range from half to full page printouts (8.5x11”), each having their specific uses. Other accessories include patient cables, lead wires, adapter clips, chart paper, and electrodes. For a full range of products that Jaken Medical offers, feel free to visit our Supplies and Accessories page.

EKG Machine Warranty

We highly recommended to ensure that your purchase comes with a warranty.

At Jaken Medical, our new traditional box EKG system includes a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty as a standard. Our new PC based EKG systems include a 1 year warranty standards, and all Refurbished equipment comes with a 1-year parts and labor warranty standards. Extended warranties and service contracts can be provided at an additional cost.

If your business is looking to purchase a refurbished unit, all of our products are fully reconditioned by certified biomedical service technicians. During this process, the EKG machine is restored to original manufacturer specifications.


Thank you for visiting Jaken Medical. If you have any questions feel free to contact us!