​Characteristics of Brand New GE Healthcare Ultrasound Systems

​Characteristics of Brand New GE Healthcare Ultrasound Systems

GE Healthcare Ultrasound Systems are high-quality products that are suitable for a wide range of medical situations.

What is an Ultrasound System?

An ultrasound system detects objects by using the high frequencies of certain sound waves. Humans are unable to hear these frequencies.

Why Choose Brand New GE Healthcare Ultrasound Systems?

GE Healthcare produces technologically-advanced systems that, in quality, are superior to many other ultrasound systems on the market. These ultrasound systems are flexible and function well for a variety of medical scenarios. At Jaken Medical, we sell the latest GE Healthcare Ultrasound Systems to ensure that your every ultrasound need is met.

GE Healthcare Ultrasound System Options

At Jaken Medical, we sell ultrasound systems from both the GE Logiq Series and the GE Vivid Series.

The GE Logiq Series

The GE Logiq V2 Premium Ultrasound System is a state-of-the-art machine with advanced capabilties. It has an easy to use coded harmonic imaging, CrossXbeam technology, and many more worthy features!

The GE Venue R5 Ultrasound System features an intuitive user experience in a simple anf fast table. With Pinpoint GT Technology, this unit delivers greater control over needle placement and twtice the accuracy of conventional ultrasound needle guidance.  

The  GE Nextgen Logiq E R7 Ultrasound System comes with an imaging engine which delivers crisp images in a compact package. Point-of-care specific software and transducers help the user to see the needle to administer a block or perform an aspiration quickly. 

The  GE Logiq P9 Ultrasound System is an easy to use system which enables fast exams through customizable user workflow and productivity tools. It introduces easy to access features and applications that allow you to perform immediate triage or a comprehensive exam. 

The  GE Logiq S7 with XD Clear Ultrasound System is highly mobile and easy to use with the amazing performance and multipurpose color doppler imaging system. It was designed for abdominal, vascular, small parts, obstretics, gynecology, cardiology, pediatric, neonatal, transcranial, and urology applications. 

The GE Logiq S8 with XD Clear Ultrasound System enables superb imaging across a wide range of clinical applications in a highly portable unit. With enhanced XDclear imaging architecture and probe technology, the system delivers superb imaging across a wide range of applications. This unit offers greater portability with a smaller footprint and the options to scan via battery alone for up to one hour. 

The GE Logiq E9 with XD Clear Ultrasound System provides the latest GE technology to help enhance diagnostic confidence and workflow efficiency every day in a variety of challenging exams. GE's latest plateform combines the resolution and penetration of XDclear technology with innovations to the system's acoustic architecture, processing engine, and display technologies.

The GE Vivid Series

The GE Vivid T8 R3 Ultrasound System is a mid-level, cost-effective cardiovascular ultrasound system with premium features such as Stress Echo, Auto EF, and Scan Assist Pro.The T8 also boasts a 19” touchscreen LCD as well as smaller 8” touchscreen navigation LCD. 

The  GE Vivid T9 Ultrasound System is one of a kind, as GE has taken the established cardiac imaging capabilities of the GE Vivid systems, and blended them with top-of-the-line shared services performance of the Logiq systems. 

The GE Vivid iq v203 Ultrasound System was released with superior imaging capabilities and faster processing speed than its predecessors, the GE Vivid I and GE Vivid Q. The IQ was made with portability in mind; an optional docking cart allowing up to 4 active probe ports and 4 hours of battery life. 

The GE Vivid S70N v202 Ultrasound System  is replaciong the older GE Vivid S6 while incorporating GE's new cSound imaging technology. GE's new cSound imaging technology is the new standard in ultrasound imaging, allowing the ultrasound system to process more information up front, using a software-based beamformer technology instead of a hardware-based beamformer. 

The GE Vivid E90 v203 Ultrasound System is a high-end cardiovascular ultrasound systen with cSound imaging technology, XDclear transducer technology, and enhanced workflow options for post processing and reporting. 

The GE Vivid E95 v203 Ultrasound System features a cSound imaging platform, XDclear transducer technology, and superior 4D imaging. A software-based beamformer allows most of the image data to be processed before being displayed on the screen and silays the darkest blacks and greyest greys. 

A Good Decision

When you need ultrasound technology, you can’t go wrong with GE Healthcare. This company offers numerous GE Healthcare ultrasound systems that are perfect for satisfying a range of ultrasound system needs.

Mar 1st 2019 Jaken Medical

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