Product Highlight: GE Logiq V2 Premium Ultrasound System

Product Highlight: GE Logiq V2 Premium Ultrasound System

GE Ultrasound has always been one of the leading manufacturers in shared service ultrasound systems, but they truly have outdone themselves with the GE Logiq V2 Ultrasound System. It has been said that this unique device may be the best shared service portable ultrasound on the market. Let’s dive into the features that make the Logiq V2 Ultrasound System such a strong machine for any ultrasound practitioner.


The GE Logiq V2 Ultrasound System is extremely easy to use with its coded harmonic imaging which enables the user to receive high resolution, even at deep penetration. Real-time speckle reduction imaging (SRI-HD) helps to reduce noise while also improving the quality of true tissue details. This allows the user to spot problems in a patient right away.

CrossXBeam technology helps to visualize tissue interfaces and have the ability to differentiate borders.
Accommodating to a wide range of exams (cardiac, abdominal, OB/GYN, small parts, vascular, pediatrics and transcranial), this ultrasound system is as versatile as they come. SonoBiometry helps one perform key fetal biometry measurements instantly.

Auto IMT gives one the ability to receive automated measurement of intima-media thickness of carotid exams. The Scan Assist feature makes imaging protocols available instantly, which is an extremely convenient feature for any practitioner. Auto optimization helps one to improve contrast resolution and optimize B-mode imaging.


The GE Logiq V2 Ultrasound System is a reliable, efficient, and portable ultrasound system that is used for a wide variety of medical examinations. With advanced capabilities, the Logiq V2 is a widely used for cardiac, vascular, and general ultrasound procedures. With such a wide array of very useful features, Jaken Medical considers the GE Logiq V2 to be the best portable ultrasound system. 

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May 29th 2019 Jaken Medical

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