Why You Should Buy a Refurbished GE Ultrasound System

Why You Should Buy a Refurbished GE Ultrasound System

Buying a new ultrasound system can be an expensive investment. Therefore, many people turn to used and refurbished ones for their healthcare facilities.

However, there is a big difference between a used machine and a refurbished one. A used machine is one that was previously owned by a customer and then sold as is. A refurbished machine is one that may have been damaged during use or manufactured with a minor flaw, and companies repair the damages and renovate the machine so that is usable again. At Jaken Medical, we specialize in selling refurbished GE ultrasound equipment that is used widely in the healthcare industry.

Benefits of Refurbished GE Ultrasound Machines

Buying a refurbished ultrasound system can save you a great deal of money over a new machine. Typically, you can get more advanced features at a lower price as compared to a new machine. In addition, at Jaken Medical, we offer a one-year warranty on our refurbished ultrasound systems so that we can repair any parts that do not seem to work properly. Consequently, the machine you purchase is almost like buying a new one.

Finally, a refurbished GE ultrasound systems usually has the same superior image quality for many applications. The refurbished GE ultrasound systems that you buy from Jaken Medical have advanced imaging, robust data management, and precision tools that are easy to use and meet the growing needs of any healthcare facility.

Tips for Purchasing Refurbished Ultrasound Systems

You need to do your research ahead of time by establishing a realistic budget and determining how much it typically costs to purchase the machine you need in several different conditions. You also need to consider the kinds of measurements your medical practice typically performs and the specific types of machines that can do them. Finally, look for a company that provides both transaction and post-transaction sales support.

At Jaken Medical, we provide expert objective guidance to help you find the machine within your budget that will best meet your needs. We put our customers' needs first and do everything we can to establish long-lasting relationships with our customers by offering quality products and first-class customer service.

May 7th 2019 Jaken Medical

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