Refurbishment Process

Refurbishment can significantly save you in costs and extend the usefulness of your medical equipment. Many health professionals find that reconditioning and refurbishment programs can help save them roughly 40-60% over the cost of new equipment. Also, by continuing using your equipment you eliminate the need to train users on new equipment or systems, saving you time and money.

Our Certified Biomedical Technicians perform inspections, evaluations, part replacement, calibration and return used equipment to the original manufacturer standards. Here at Jaken Medical, we have successfully refurbished many types of medical devices, from EKG machines to Stress Test Systems.

With our highly skillful team, we can ensure that each system will perform to your expectations. We have such confidence in our services, that we offer at least 1-year warranty on all parts and work performed on your medical device.

Treadmill Refurbishment

Refinish the Walking Deck
Replace bearings in the rollers and motor
Replace all belts
Thorough Cleaning
Sanding & Repainting
In-depth Testing
Refinish handrails

Ultrasound Refurbishment

Disassemble boards
Thorough cleaning
Reconnect and assuring connections
Repair/replace loose wiring
Replace broken components with new OEM components
Test power supply
Test battery charging board
Screen Color check
Test probes
Perform test data saving
Inspect housing
Perform Electrical safety test
Check all serial ports


EKG System Refurbishment

Thorough Cleaning
Replace batteries
   Clock battery
   Power battery
Replace display windows
Perform Electrical safety tests
Perform Calibration tests
Thorough Product testing

All brand new accessories
1-year Parts and Labor Warranty
Technical Support

Case Unit Refurbishment

Thorough Cleaning
Replace all components (mouse, keyboard etc)
Install new LCD Monitor LCD mount
Replace hard drive
Upgrade and Test Software
Provide New Accessories