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MIR Spirodoc Bluetooth Spirometer

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One Touch Laboratory for respiratory analysis with two functional modes: doctor and patient.

The MIR Spirodoc Bluetooth Spirometer is a one touch spirometry laboratory to help you analyzes your patient’s respiratory function. It comes with two different modes, a doctor mode, and a patient mode. The Spirometry come with a touch screen display with Bluetooth connectivity. It has a Pulse oximeter “intelligence” which the ability to show on screen results. It has a 3D accelerometer with motion analysis specifically for 02 prescriptions. The MIR Spirodoc Bluetooth Spirometer also provides a questionnaire for the patient for home care symptom control. The MIR Spirodoc Bluetooth Spirometer is very versatile, it has advanced parameters for specialists, a “reduced” set of parameters just for screening, and a “Simplified” version for patient home care use. The MIR Spirodoc Bluetooth Spirometer

Includes FVC, VC, IVC, MVV, Pre-post parameters. It has precise spirometer interpretation that includes post bronchodilator. The tests are automatically stored. The MIR Spirodoc Bluetooth Spirometer has the capacity to store 10,000 test, making it convenient for your archival needs. It has Automatic BTPS conversion and the ability to provide a wide selection of predicted values. The Spirodoc is able to carry out sleep desaturation studies and memorize the important events as well as body position to help you provide a better diagnosis. The Spiro doc is the first 3D Oximeter that incorporates a triaxial motion sensor to correlate the saturation level (% SpO2) with physical activities such as walking, movement analysis, and VMU.

The MIR Spirodoc Bluetooth Spirometer has a detachable head with the option of providing flow and volume measurements made by a digital turbine system. It provides simple, clear SpO2 and pulse rate measurements with plethsmographic curve. The MIR Spirodoc Bluetooth Spirometer has the ability to estimate the level of oxygen therapy required by the patient during a single six-minute walk test (6MWT).  The MIR Spirodoc Bluetooth Spirometer is essential for pneumatology, cardiology, and rehabilitation offices. With the WinspiroPRo Standard software, you will be able to show patient records in a simple, single screen interface with dynamic management of all data and graphs. It can be connected to a hospital database or EMR and occupational health system (HL7 Interface). A network version can be provided upon request.


Easy to use software
The WinspiroPro provides a simple, single screen display of patient records and data.
Multiple Parameters and Spiro options
Such as FVC, VC and much more, with the ability to measure flow and volume with a digital turbine system for a reliable result.
2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
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