Nonin PalmSAT 2500 Series Handheld Pulse Oximeter

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Proven Performance in Real World Applications. 

The Nonin PalmSAT 2500 is the next generation of handheld pulse oximeters by being a small yet versatile digital pulse oximeter that was designed to assess oxygen saturation and pulse rate. Its compact size and ease of operation with exceptional battery life make it an ideal solution for your portable monitoring needs. The Nonin PalmSAT 2500 comes in the choice of having an alarm and non-alarm version. IT is a simple easy to use two-button operation device that has a battery life of roughly 60-80 hours. It has memory storage of 72 hours and runs on 4 AA alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries, or an AC power charger stand. With its easy handling, it is useful for an array of medical locations and applications.

Easy to use and lightweight design

Two-button operation with long-lasting battery life.

Large LED Displays

For easy readability with accurate readings.

3 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty

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