GE MAC 5500 HD EKG System Rental

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GE MAC 5500 HD Interpretive EKG System Rental

Our Rental GE MAC 5500 HD Interpretive EKG Systems come with full accessories.


  • COLR: Color: This allows you to select one of two color options for the display screen.
  • DIAG: 12SL: Enables the printing of 12SL diagnosis on ECG reports.
  • GN12: 12SL+: Enables the use of gender and age-specific interpretation criteria when generating 12SL diagnosis.
  • MODM: AT Modem: Enables transmission and receipt of data over an external AT modem.
  • FAXM: FAX Modem: Enables transmission and receipt of data over an external FAX modem.
  • WIFI: Wireless: Enables the transmission of ECGs over a wireless network.
  • BCRD: Bar Code Reader: Enables collection of patient data via bar code reader.
  • ELAN: Ethernet LAN
  • CRIT: Critical Values: Enables the critical value function, which allows you to define custom alerts based on key ECG values. If the Critical Values function is enabled, you must configure the alerts.
  • ACSM: ACS Option: Enables the acute coronary syndrome (ACS) function. This function performs an ACS analysis on resting ECGs, vector loops ECGs, and 15-lead ECGs.
  • HDMD: HDMD Option: Enables the high-definition pacemaker detection function. Requires the use of the CAM HD acquisition module.
  • Single-Button operation for printing, storage, and transmission.
  • Full Alphanumeric Keyboard.
  • Full Page Printouts.


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