Caresono Bladder Scanner HD2

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Caresono Bladder Scanner HD2

The Caresono Bladder Scanner HD2 is a premier bladder scanning device, offering accurate and reliable measurements with its patented algorithm to guarantee 15% clinical precision. The scanner is a solution for nursing homes and long-term care facilities. The automatic volume calculations and efficiency in the bladder Scanner HD2 act as a reliable measurement of bladder volume and post-void residual for regular nursing work. 

There is no need for calibration with the Caresono Bladder Scanner. Easy and expert mode are the two pre-scanned modes provided on the HD2, these two modes offer the user an abundance of clinical information. The Caresono Bladder Scanner HD2 comes equipped with a voice recording function, urine volume setting, and alarm setting. The HD2 is portable and comes with a strong battery, offering 3.5 hours of continuous scanning and 8 hours for stand-by. The SD card storage allows for unlimited saving capacity for patient cases. 

Fully covered with a 2-year parts and labor warranty.

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2-Year Parts and Labor Warranty
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