Caresono Bladder Scanner HD3

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Caresono Bladder Scanner HD3

The Caresono Bladder Scanner HD3 comes complete with an advanced interface display, which offers a touchscreen and large-sized display for the ultrasonic images of the bladder. Double orthogonal images display after the scanning, crosshair projection, and automatic outline drawing of the bladder offer intuition and assistance. 

USB connection and printing function offer exceptional convenience on the Caresono Bladder Scanner HD3. The patient data management software on the HD3 offers premier organizational capabilities for tracking patient data. The 3D mechanical probe offers 2.5MHz and 8 mode display. The 12 multi-angles ultrasonic images capture time in under 3 seconds. 

Fully covered with a 2-year parts and labor warranty.

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2-Year Parts and Labor Warranty
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