Burdick/Mortara 4250 Digital Holter Recorder

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High-Quality EKG Digital recording with visual signal display

The Burdick 4250 Digital Holter Recorder is the ideal EGK digital recording device best used for physician practices, hospitals, and cardiologists. It is a lightweight recorder that provides an easy-to-read integrated LCD display that allows you to see quick verifications of EKG tracings. It lets you visually confirm the signal before sending the patient home and reduces the number of retests and eliminates the need for test jacks. It has a streamlined 5 button keypad where you can enter patient and testing parameters with ease and an iEVent button that allows patients to capture and mark episodes that are important to them. It performs multiple data transfers through options such as SD cards or USB cables, which allow you to quickly capture data and send the recorder out to a new patient easily. It provides fast data transfer with the Burdick Vision or Vision Premier software. It is a powerful easy to learn and easy-to-use software that delivers highly accurate and interpreted recordings. It has a quickstep wizard that provides a practical guide at every step of an analysis and color code abnormalities to help anyone identify potential issues. It provides full disclosure reports that can be printed for any part of the exam in various formats such as one, two, or three channels at 10, 20, or 60 seconds per line. The Patient ECG can be captured at 200 samples per second over a period of up to 48 hours. It also has an integrated pacemaker detection that allows you to use the Holter recorder even with patients that have pacemakers.

13-Month Manufacturer's Warranty is Included.

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13-Month Manufacturer's Warranty
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