Midmark IQholterEX Digital Holter with Recorder

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A powerful Holter system designed with your practice in mind.

The Midmark IQholterEX Digital Holter with Recorder is a small, lightweight recorder that weighs only 2.8oz. With a well-lit display and intuitive keypad that makes it easy to navigate and has an intuitive menu control. Its on-screen leads and channel identification allows you to quickly and accurately hook up a patient to the device. It has automatic startup and self-test with warning alarms to help ensure reliable recording, and thus reducing the need to retest. It has a 5-lead hook-up for 3 channel recording with a 7 lead option available. 24-hours standard recording, as well as 48 and 72-hour recording capabilities, are available. It also comes with a removable secure digital card that allows for immediate patient turnaround and data review. The software is easy to use and designed for routine monitoring situations. It was made for fast-paced offices with fully automated analysis and simple reporting. The software provides color-coded arrhythmia events to help identify easily the different EKG morphologies. It provides comprehensive reports with auto narrative summaries to help effectively evaluate important data and statistics. With the software, you will be able to edit and review results with full disclosure locally or on a network without the need to print.

Additional features come with the EP and EX version of the software. It includes the standard features of IQ holders with expanded functionality for a better and more detailed evaluation. It allows you to adjust analysis criteria to suit specific patients. With improved accuracy and the ability to preview and adjust criteria, you will be able to match patient recordings before any analysis is done. With the EP and EX version, it will be able to identify Atrial Fibrillation (AF) events and reveal entire episodes with a glance. It comes with Arrhythmia templates with intelligent sorting to help facilitate quick review and edit of test results. It also offers QT and QTc analysis to help identify prolonged intervals with four commonly used correction formulas. 

1-year warranty is included. 


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1-Year Warranty
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