GE T2100-ST Treadmill (6.73 CASE may also be purchased for an additional cost)

  • GE T2100-ST1 Stress Treadmill 1092405-001-513929
  • GE T2100-ST1 Stress Treadmill 1092405-001-513929
  • GE T2100-ST1 Stress Treadmill 1092405-001-513929

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GE T2100-ST1 Treadmill

Dedicated 110V outlet making it the ideal GE HC Stress testing system with no compromise in patient weight capacity or speed. Its rugged design allows it to support up to 500lbs.

It is smooth, quiet, and takes no time at all to start up. It has the option to allow clinicians to control the entire speed range. It includes the patented MasterTrack Belt alignment system to eliminate off-center running belts. Its low to the floor cushioned deck is ideal for patient comfort and safety. For emergencies, it has an easy-to-locate stop button and patient tether for additional safety. With minimum maintenance and convenience features, the T2100-St1 Treadmill is a reliable tool for exercise testing.


  • An extra-long, 60-inch surface provides an extra margin of safety for patients.
  • Zero start feature slowly builds up speed for safe and smooth operation.
  • The standard stop button enables a gradual stop.
  • The emergency stop button provides an immediate stop.
  • Full front and side handrails are standard. with ESTOP
  • 450 lb weight capacity
  • 0 to 13.5 mph speed range.
  • 0 to 25 percent grade range.
  • Enhanced tolerance to electrical changes for greater patient safety.
  • Self-calibrating for speed and grade.
  • Digital control ensures precise speed and grade control.
  • US power cord with wall connector.


  • Weight: 400 lbs (181.4 kg)
  • Walking area: 18 in. x 60 in. (45.7 cm x 152.4 cm)
  • Floor space required: 29 in. x 77 in. (73.7 cm x 195.6 cm)
  • Handrail height above the walking surface
  • Front: 40 in. (101.6 cm)
  • Side: Maximum 35 in. (88.9 cm) descending at a 5° angle to 32 in. (81.3 cm)

Environmental Specifications:

  • Power Requirements:
    • 208 to 240 VAC
    • 50/60 Hz
    • Single-phase
    • 20 amperes
    • NEMA 6-20 R wall socket (dedicated circuit recommended)

Operating Conditions:

  • Ambient temperature: 50° F to 95° F (10° C to 40° C)
  • Relative Humidity: 15% to 90%

Performance Specifications:

  • Maximum rated load: 450 lbs. (204 kg)
  • Belt speed range: 0-13.5 mph at 220 VAC/60 Hz continuously variable; 0 mph start-up
  • Drive motor: 3.0 hp.
  • Elevation motor: 1/10th hp.
  • Elevation range: 0 to 25% grade, continuously variable
  • Maximum leakage current: 100µA, chassis to ground

GE CASE v6.73 Stress Test System

Proven clinical excellence. Productivity-enhancing applications and features. Expanded networking options. The CASE Cardiac Assessment System for Exercise Testing from GE Healthcare puts stress on performance.


  • ECG analysis frequency: 500 Hz
  • ST measurements: amplitudes, slope, integral, index, ST/HR hysteresis, ST/HR slope, ST/HR loops, ST/HR index up to 15 leads.
  • ECG output: Real-time ECG/QRS beep/TTL synchronization output
  • Heart rate: Automatic arrhythmia detection, documentation, and annotation
  • Full-disclosure ECG: beat-to-beat ECG storage & event review
  • Reanalysis: Post-test medians measurements from E, J, and post-J point selections
  • ECG interpretation: (Optional) Marquette* 12SL resting ECG analysis program for adults and pediatrics
  • MUSE* systems compatible via SD card; network (optional)
  • MUSE Web compatible for retrieval view and printing of MUSE system data
  • Local storage: Minimum 40 GB hard drive storage of complete ECG record and test results
  • PDF export of final reports with auto naming protocols also from Microsoft Word and Excel
  • XML export of specified data
  • CASE network server with editing workstations
  • Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, 64-bit
  • Display Type: LCD (flat panel display) Display resolution
  • 1-year warranty is included
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